Blacklist ? Whitelist?

Amongst the many worries that you should have if you become entangled with the Children's Service is the aspect of who you will be up against.

For the moment I will not be publishing my views on the web but I am willing to discuss my experiences with those that have a genuine concern or interest.

Please note that whilst the majority of those mentioned below I would treat with extreme caution (those who should be on a warning blacklist) some deserve a place on a whitelist for being unbiased. It is fair to say that you should not assume that anyone is on your side, the biased and incompetent ones are not and the the unbiased ones by definition treat you fairly (which is all that is needed if the others are removed).

These are the people that I have come into contact with:

The Children's Service / Cafcass

Ms Victoria Larbalestier

Ms Jean Andrews

Ms Tanja Tinari

Ms Katherine Probert

Ms L Dodds

Ms Anika Spanswick

Mr Andrew Dawson

Ms Linda Briginshaw

Medical / Psychological

Dr. Roleoff Edelenbos

Mr. Brendan Clowry

Dr. Bryn Wiliams

Dr. Carolyn Cloverley

Legal / Judicial

(former) Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache KBE

Mr. Vincent Obbard

Advocate Rose Colley

Advocate Victoria Myerson

Advocate Timothy Hanson

Ms Barbara Corbett

Political / Other

Deputy Colin Egre

Deputy James Reed

Deputy Tracey Vallois

Deputy Shona Pitman

Senator Ben Shenton

Senator James Perchard

Deputy Anne Pryke

Further references: