Cafcass, does any honest person have a good word to say about it? Cafcass (Children and family court advisory support service) is a simple rebranding of the failure that was the Family Court Welfare Service. Numerous reports have declared that it is failing. I would state that it is not so much failing as having failed with no hope of extracting itself from the existing SS mindset. It should simply be closed down. Cafcass could have been one of the best things to ever happen to families and children involved in tactical divorces, if the staff had not been brought over wholesale from the FCWS and then supplemented with Children's Service/ SS staff perhaps common sense might have prevailed. An unbiased attitude and the backbone to stand up against the corrupt practices of the CS/SS would have made them one of the most genuinely useful bodies within the entire sphere of british family law. Sadly Cafcass is nothing more than a different badge for the same set of attitudes, the chances of a Cafcass staff member correcting anything that is put forward by any other CS/SS agency is minuscule. If they are both working to the same propaganda sheets then why have the expense of two agencies? It does not make sense. It also reduces the chance of a weak willed or otherwise unconcerned judge to go against even the most ridiculous assessments and assertions that may be trotted out since he now has to dismiss the prejudices of two government funded agencies.

The problem that we now face here is that Cafcass, or some similarly named local body, is likely to be inflicted on our families and that all the worst warts that it exhibits will be brought across and root themselves in the island. Assuming that this happens then where do you think they will go for staff? I bet it will not be the average man or woman in the street with a bit of family life experience and common sense but it will simply become yet another pasture populated with those who have already converted to the CS/SS creed.