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This website has been set up with the intention of assisting those families and individuals who have been abused, deceived and harmed by the operation of the Social Services, and particularly the Children's Service, in the island of Jersey. From what I have read, seen and heard, the methods used by the States of Jersey Children's Service ape those used in mainland Britain with the same disastrous consequences.

One problem that each family or individual who is subjected to abuse by the Children's Service has is that they have no idea just how common this process is and this makes it far easier for the States to ignore each injustice in turn. I am asking for a show of hands and I hope that this will lead to a formation of a local group or formal association.

Current areas of concern:
Where the staff of any of the services have acted beyond the boundaries of the law.
Where the staff have not kept to their own published procedures.
Where the staff have lied.
Where the staff have operated with bias.
Where the staff have acted with incompetence.

With respect for Thomas James Ball