Jersey Child Protection Committee

Although it has now been established for a couple of years I am not aware that any aggrieved individual has had any success in approaching the JCPC.

Here is the list of members

Name Agency / service
Chairperson Mr Mike Taylor Independent chair
Members Ms Marnie Baudains Directorate Manager, Social Services (HSS)
Mrs Barbara Bell Clinical Governance and Performance (FNHC)
Mr Charlie Bertram Deputy Governor, Prison Service
Mrs Brenda Cochrane Education Welfare Officer (ESC)
Ms Shirley Costigan Principal Youth Officer (ESC)
Dr Carolyn Coverley Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (HSS)
Mr Mike Cutland Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Mr Derek de la Haye Assistant Director, Sport and Leisure (ESC)
Mr Philip Durban NSPCC
Mr Ian Dyer Directorate Manager Mental Health Services (HSS)
Gary Pashley States of Jersey Police
Dr Jerry Glynn Jersey Medical Society
Dr Mark Jones Consultant Community Paediatrician (HSS)
Mrs Ann Kelly Lead Nurse, Children, General Hospital (HSS)
Dr Innes Cameron Jersey Medical Society
Mr Tony Le Sueur Service Manager, Children’s Services (HSS)
Andre Bonjour States of Jersey Police
Dr Susan Turnbull Deputy Medical Officer of Health (HSS)
Vingtenier Christopher Clement-Jones Honorary Police
Mr Phil Dennett Service Coordinator, Children's Executive (HSS)
Ms Nola Hopkins NSPCC
Professional officer Mrs Heidi Sydor JCPC Professional Officer
Committee administrator Ms Jane Errington JCPC Administrator

Although it dates back to easter 2008 it is interesting that Ms Thoburn does latch on to the JCPC being far too close to the Children's Service for comfort

I do not think it unfair to make the logical step and say that Mr. Williamson was far too closely connected with the Children's Service to have been an independent investigator. What was needed was somebody of true integrity who was also capable of deductive reasoning. Having Mr. Willamson as an assistant to comment on whether particular local SS practices were unusual or the norm compared to the rest of britain might have been informative but he should never have been given the deciding comment as to whether they were proper.

I sent my first plea to speak to Mr. Williamson on 18 Nov 2007, I tell him that I have personal and third party written and taped proof that staff in the Children's Service are completely biased and incompetent he finally agreed to see me for an hour on the 22nd February. He was not interested in the audio evidence but did give some of the documents I presented a cursory glance. The JEP reports that Mr. Williamson had been brought over in August (prior to the sacking of Stuart Syvret as health minister and general publication that the police were investigating allegations regarding Haut de la Garenne) and that he thought that the child protection services were "mid range" compared to the UK. Given that the press already knew enough to publish the thrust of the report on the 5th of March, which Mr. Willamson was due to reveal two days later, it is tempting to suggest that the bulk of the report would have already been written in February and that Mr. Williamson had agreed to see me just so that it could not be said that he had refused to see me.

I am sure that most people who have lived in the island for a decade or more will be well aware of the all too credible local "urban myth" that consultants were regularly handed the conclusions of their report as they arrived at the airport. I would have liked to think that such practice was confined to a previous generation but it really would not surprise me if this was still going on. Even if Mr. Williamson was so upstanding a gentleman that being a party to such activity was out of the question there still remains the serious question as to whether someone who has been embedded in the Social Services for so long can give an unbiased review of his profession. It is rather like expecting to get an even-handed unbiased process when the police investigate the police, the investigating officers may come from a different part of the country, and take on the task in good faith, but it is not likely that they will view evidence and action (or lack of it) as might a member of the general public but will instead consider whether matters were "normal for the police". I am willing to give Mr. Williamson the benefit of the doubt in that he may have carried out an investigation in his own manner and put his own thoughts on paper but he obviously ignored damning evidence from a number of sources. I think his overall comment that the local Children's Service needs confidence is very telling. No Mr. Williamson we do not need them to have confidence (which will just encourage them to continue as before) we need them to have COMPETENCE and I believe you are sufficiently educated to know the difference.

Using UNBIASED and COMPETENT staff in the Children's Service would actually save the treasury a large amount of money. The number of cases under lengthy process would be cut considerably, court time and public prosecution legal costs would be slashed, vast amounts of police time would be saved, the emotional abuse of children as false accusation puppets would be minimised, the mental, emotional and physical abuse of SS targets would diminish and the finances of families would not be subject to the whim of a Social Worker. Because there would be fewer families and children that are damaged by the SS there is reason to hope that there would be less pressure on housing and other SS areas as those families grew older.