The continuing kidnap of british children

You might be tempted to think that the collusion of the Children's Service in supporting false allegations was as bad as it can get.

It is certainly bad enough but there are other areas which I consider are even worse. How about the wholesale kidnap of children for instance?

May I suggest that you get on to your favorite search engine and use the term "forced adoption"


I have spoken to Mr. Josephs and he has told me that he receives calls from a couple of families a day on average, and has done for the past several years (going back to 2003). If you consider that his site is not widely publicised and that only those who know how to contact him can do so it begs the question as to how many other families are simply sunk without trace. He speaks during the first section of the UK Column video list below. {page no longer exists}

This willingness of the Childrens Service to take part in charades to destroy families is so well known that people will openly threaten to use this predeliction

With regard to our own area things are just as bad, the child may not have been adopted yet but he has been removed from his family outside of the law


Documentaryon the "child protection" industry

Brian Gerrish, Child stealing by the state (1 hour talk)

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Denise Robertson, Stop Forced Adoption Conference

A video of Leeds SS+Police carrying out a kidnap

and the return Police again