Can I actually help you? Perhaps though certainly no guarantee is given. Since the Children's Service disregards what used to be considered the most basic tenets of decent legal procedure you will soon find out that the cards are not dealt out in an even handed manner. I can give you some idea of what to expect which may help you to prevent the situation from becoming worse. I may be able to help put you in contact with people who I believe to be unbiased and locally (Jersey) I can warn you about some of those that definitely have a greater interest in harming you or are dangerously incompetent.

If you even think that the Social Service or any other agency is taking a suspect interest in your child (even if the chld has yet to be born) then I recommend that you read the Kidnap section and get in touch with Ian Josephs since the plans that he can assist with work best prior to any catastrophic event.

If you have only come on to this website after disaster has struck then it may just be worth your while contacting Karl Lentz, who provides interesting insights into the Common Law. Obviously his techniques can only work in Common Law countries but that does include the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and India. The clip that I first came across was though there are other clips that have the same content. You can probably skip over the first 57 minutes and then pay particular attention to "restoration of property". His website ( ) features a number of radio/youtube interviews and recorded telephone sessions which, although not particularly easy listening, do explain his suggested procedures with reasonable clarity. It is a pity that he has not yet produced a booklet placing things in a more logical sequence (or organised his website in that manner) but he does at least give contact details.

Can you help me? If you have any experience of going through SS procedures then you can add to the pool of knowledge. Even if you think that nothing further can be done to help in your case it may provide some assistance to others.

It is rather obvious that most people who are being harmed by the SS only start realising the risks that they are under once they are being "processed" whereas they may have had other options earlier on. Certainly this subject needs much more publicity so that any potential SS victims within the general public have at least the chance to prepare themselves mentally for what may be landing on them, but this is not in the SS's or the family court's interest since I reckon the general public would hold the whole system in contempt if they actually realised the way in which it operates. If something nasty is happening to you then please be brave enough to speak out.

Is this actually a company? No, it is just that the domain extension is the cheapest type of domain to register that I am aware of.

How to make contact? In the first instance please use email

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by all means leave a telephone number in the message if you wish.