I am a social worker, I'm really very nice. I help you loving mothers, And give you good advice!

Your partner has departed Your income is too low. I'm really very sorry, All your kids will have to go!

Your partner is abusive? He beats you black and blue? We'll soon be there to help you, And take your children too!

You have a learning problem, You're really not too clever, We'll get your kids adopted. When can you see them?? NEVER!!

Your son is hyperactive? You need a brief respite; We'll soon take ALL your children, Give up the hopeless fight!

Your child was taken into care, So many years ago, If now you have a baby That too will have to go!

Foster parents love your kids To get some more they seek, For each one brings a tidy sum, £400 per week!!

Children's homes are run by us, Where paedophiles abound. Each time we cover up abuse "The gutter press" come round

"They" said adoptions worked the best. We soon proved that they would. Fathers shout and mothers cry, Their kids are gone for good!

What happens in our special courts? Our experts they will say "You're a danger to your children, So we'll take them all away!"

Your children may be healthy, Happy and well fed But one day you might hurt them, That's what our experts said

The judges know that we are right, With us they will agree They dare not risk another course You have no chance you see!

Our special courts are secret, So don't you breathe a word Of what goes on inside those walls No matter how absurd!

We'll get your kids adopted, And don't you dare complain! Or you'll end up in prison And I won't say that again!

We have adoption targets, They must be met you see, Failure means a reprimand, So spare a thought for me!!!

[ I forget who sent this to me but it really does cover most of the SS aims. The aspect of it also being a financial scam is oh so true]