Thomas J Ball

The first detailed report that I found on on how Mr. Ball and his children had been abused by the state was

It contains a link to Mr. Ball's final letter, which is reasoned and well worth reading. I reckon that it should be a requirement that every person involved in family courts read it with sufficient care that they could present the pertinent points. Even though he lived under United States federal law and the state laws of New Hampshire the pretexts and mechanisms used to destroy families mirror the techniques in Britain.

If you want a much shorter article then may be suitable.

Closer to home the statement put out by the British Prime Minister on "father's day" 2011 may, if read one way, seem reasonable but where Mr. Cameron was your equivalent balanced statement two months back on "mother's day" regarding the utter contempt that should be dished out to controlling women who force fathers out of their childrens lives and so often layer on false accusations? With the spiteful Harriet Harman thankfully now out of her decade of direct feminist power many had hoped that the coalition government would curb the misandrist excesses of the family courts with reviews promised and views of the public supposedly sought and considered. If anything the family court system is no better than before with even worse promised for the future and thus our current leader is now fully revealed as a mangina.

Returning to Mr. Ball I have now read through the comments lists of a few sites that have linked to this story.

Mr. Ball did not claim to be the perfect father/husband/man but he was not a monster.

The manner in which he struck his child can be considered some form of over-reaction or loss of control, Mr. Ball must have realised this right after the incident since he removed himself from the situation.

The court did not judge him to to have assaulted his child.

The SS continued, without any rational basis, to prevent the children from seeing their father.

The courts failed to correct the matter. If there had been justice the SS staff would have been been held in contempt and punished, damages would have been awarded to Mr. Ball and his children, as it was Mr. Ball was further insulted by being expected to deal with the same institutions that were still hell bent on destroying him.

Mr. Ball was no coward, he was eventually worn down by a corrupt system operated by evil people to face perpetual debtor's prison, he was left with no hope that he or his children would ever receive justice.