Are you considering contacting the Children's Service?

If so then you will fall into one of the following three categories:

1. You have a genuine concern about the maltreatment of a child and have direct factual evidence to back it up.

2. You are willing to make false allegations to support your own schemes and/or are happy to break up a family on the basis of hearsay.

3. You reckon that your own family needs assistance with respect to some aspect of your own children.

In the first instance you are possibly going to the right place although if you know that a crime has been committed then I would suggest that the police should be the first port of call.

In the second instance it should be obvious that you deserve to rot in hell for all eternity.

In the third case may I give you a warning. You might initially be forgiven for thinking that the Children's Service is there to assist a family that has problems with a child but, sorry to say, you would be very much mistaken. If you approach the Children's Service regarding your own child then you are supplying them with reason to assume that you are failing, or already have failed, as a parent and therefore should be investigated. If you happen to be male and you contact the Children's Service of your own volition then you may be beyond help, regardless as to any evidence you will be regarded as an evil lump of filth.

A local police officer (then serving, now retired) who I have known for some 30 odd years once told me that the police put people into three general categories; there are other policemen who are therefore untouchable regardless as to how corrupt the individual may be, there are criminals who they have caught and finally there are the remainder, the criminals that they have not caught YET. (in other words everyone is a target to be processed, the concept of an average law abiding citizen does not exist). The Children's Service equivalent categories are social workers, abusers they have caught and the abusers that they have yet to get round to. (all families, and particularly fathers, are in their sights). If you go to the Children's service on your own volition then they will start a file that will NEVER be closed.

If you are having problems and would like advice then I suggest that you speak to other parents who you know are not connected to the social services, you could try some of the parenting organisations that can be found on the internet whilst keeping your anonymity and locally (if you really want face to face discussion) I might even suggest talking to some of the staff at The Bridge.

Please note that I am not picking out the UK/Jersey SS as having a monopoly on idiotic and corrupt operations, they seem to abound in most (but not all) western countries including Canada and the United States of America . The british isles though do seem to have been suffering particularly, with the nonces in the BBC (exactly HOW many times was Saville invited over to Haut de la Garenne?) and the british police safeguarding muslim rapists.